Yellow the Novel is the debut album of Cape Town-based jazz musician Zoë Modiga. Yellow the Novel is a whopping 23 tracks. The album features some of the songs Zoë Modiga has been performing such as ‘Nantsi Ntswepe’ and her version of the Winston Mankunku song, ‘Yakhalinkomo’.  

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Omenka Online

12 Jul 2017
"Her lyrics are strong, deep, riveting and yes, delivered in that ultimately suave voice of hers. Listening to her is akin to finding pure gold; it can also be likened to the simple joy of basking in morning sun or watching ants at work." ...

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1. Balele
2. Abounding Within
3. Uh Oh (Sensible Life)
4. Me
5. Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
6. The Healer
7. Love (Yahweh)
8. Autumn
9. Would They
10. Alone
11. Yakhalinkomo
12. Fall Down
13. Inganekwane
14. Flame
15. Shake the World
16. Winter
17. And So It Goes
18. Nantsi Ntswepe
19. Spring
20. One Litre Deep
21. Dandelion
22. Yellow
23. Summer

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