Rejoice Abutsa



Rejoice Abutsa is a graduate of University of Jos, where she studied Theatre and Film Arts. She has scripted and Produced short films for educational purposes. Now out of school, Rejoice is actively dedicating her time to working on film scripts that she hopes will have a positive influence on the world.

Banana Island Ghost

Date: 04 Aug 2017 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
Director, BB Sasore, does something unusual with Banana Island Ghost. Sasore makes a passionate plea with the first scene of his movie – he pleads for the sacrifice of realism and logic, and instead, for his audience to watch for enjoyment. See how he does this – the first scene features a young boy and his mother, her time on earth is limited and she knows this. In her farewell speech, she encourages her son to accept that she will be in ...

Ojukokoro (Greed)

Date: 17 Mar 2017 Category: TV/Film
8.0 Rating
In a scene in Ojukokoro, an elderly man, simply referred to as Baba (Kayode Aderupoko) arrives a fuel station, it is the period of fuel scarcity and when he decides to fuel his car, the attendants at the station are ignorant of his presence. He tries to get their attention, they know he is there, but they do not care. And when he reprimands them, they fight him; they even seize his car keys and ask him to pay for ruining their game. The scene is ...


Date: 21 Oct 2016 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
The film trailer for “Oloibiri” was the first film trailer to get me excited in 2016. The trailer was different, it was fresh, action filled and it looked like a trailer that did not struggle to compile the film’s juiciest parts to gain the viewer’s excitement. It was relaxing watching it several times on Africa Magic. It was top 3 on my list and like the trailer promised, “Olobiri” delivered action but also education.
I ...