Lucy Scholes



Lucy Scholes is a book reviewer, editor and lecturer at Goldsmith, University of London and Tate Modern. She writes for The Sunday Times, The Times Literary Supplement, The Independent and The Daily Beast. She has a PhD in English literature and psychoanalytic theory from Birkbeck.

What We Lose

Date: 11 Jul 2017 Category: Books
10.0 Rating
“What We Lose: A Support Guide” is the title of the pamphlet Thandi, the narrator of Zinzi Clemmons's luminescent debut novel, receives in the post a few days after her mother has passed away. Sent by the hospice that looked after Thandi's mother at the end of her life, it provides a glossary of terms – grief, mourning, bereavement – as well as practical tips regarding diet, exercise, and what to avoid (alcohol, caffeine). Thandi linge ...


Date: 07 Jun 2016 Category: Books
8.0 Rating
Ghana-born, Alabama-raised writer Yaa Gyasi takes the title of her debut novel from the belief traditionally held in African-American culture that after a slave’s death their spirit was set free to travel back to their ancestral Africa. The homegoing charted in the novel involves two estranged branches of a family tree. The story begins in East Africa in the 1750s, the birthplace of half-sisters Effia and Esi, and traces the travels and trav ...

The Fishermen

Date: 14 Apr 2015 Category: Books
7.0 Rating
Once upon a time in Akure, a small town in western Nigeria, there lived four brothers: 15-year-old Ikena; 14-year-old Boja; 11-year-old Obembe; and our story’s narrator, 9-year-old Benjamin. They lived with their mother and father – a strict patriarch who worked for the Central Bank of Nigeria, and wanted his sons to grow up into “civilized” and successful men (a pilot, a lawyer, a doctor and a professor) – and two infant siblings. ...