Mary Whipple



Mary Whipple has been a reviewer for and other sites for sixteen years. She is also an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer.

The Woman Next Door

Date: 05 May 2016 Category: Books
7.0 Rating
Born in Barbados, brought up in Nigeria, and now living in South Africa, author Yewande Omotoso may soon have to give up her profession. Trained as an architect and still working in that field, she has recently won the South African Literary Award for First Time Author and has been nominated for three other major South African prizes in the past four years. Her first novel, Bom Boy, was a popular, as well as literary, success, and this new novel ...

Oil on Water

Date: 16 May 2011 Category: Books
8.0 Rating
In his third novel, award-winning Nigerian author Helon Habila continues the dialogue he began with Waiting for an Angel, a novel set in the 1990s during the government of Sani Abacha, who colluded with Big Oil in the Niger Delta and is accused of having taken an estimated $3 billion – $4 billion out of the country. A tyrant who used his military for his own ends, Abacha allowed no hint of dissent, and journalists were routinely jailed and held ...