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Date: 07 Sep 2017 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
Most record execs will tell you female artists aren’t the cheapest to maintain, from hair and makeup to allowances for wardrobe and skin care. Regardless of how great they may be at singing, when the lights come on, your star singer is also required to look the part. Steve Babaeko and X3M Music must therefore feel like they won with Simi. A singer, and sound engineer, with an angelic voice and near-perfect songwriting skills, who doesn’t s ...

In Memory of Forgetting

Date: 13 Aug 2017 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
Since 1998, the Grammy has recognized poetry reading and story telling as “Best Spoken Word Album. Its most recent winner was Carol Burnett. Carol took home the award for best spoken word album at the 59th Grammy with her album “In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem and Fun in the Sandbox”. Barack Obama also won this in 2006 and 2008. There are not many serious Nigerian spoken word artistes around, it is therefore not a ...

Sounds From The Other Side

Date: 14 Jul 2017 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
You might not have noticed but Wizkid successfully turned a hot line into a whole EP, which, let’s be honest, really feels like an album. The Nigerian superstar ended his guest verse on Runtown’s “Bend Down Pause” by singing “they feel these sounds from the other side” and two years later, he’s serving those sounds to the rest of the world. Sounds From the Other Side is Wizkid’s major label debut but it’s also his third solo ...

Ijele – The Traveler

Date: 27 Jun 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
Olabisi Ajala is quite possibly the greatest African traveler that ever lived, legend has it that he rode through 87 countries on a scooter for 6 years, and lived to tell the tale. The feat was so astonishing that, in Nigeria, Ajala’s name became synonymous with traveling the world. Eastern high-life icon Flavour has been around the world too, not on a scooter though but on the strength of his music. The singer is so well-known outside of the c ...

The Never Say Never Guy

Date: 29 May 2017 Category: Music
5.0 Rating
When an artist sets their sights on Grammy glory early on in their career, no one truly takes them serious. But at least with that bold ambition, they let the world know where their head is at creatively and also what they got into music for. Eventually, when music becomes a career and not just a pipe dream, artists have to deal with real life because the truth is, except you pond them in the black market, award statues really do not pay the b ...

Songs About U

Date: 18 May 2017 Category: Music
5.0 Rating
News of Banky W’s engagement to Adesua Etomi broke the internet and made men around the country uncomfortable, as their significant others side-eyed them in jealousy. The moment was magical and the picture that immortalized it has now been liked more than 163,000 times on Instagram. Banky got down on one knee, looked into Adesua’s eyes and reached for her left hand, and Adesua, in turn, placed her right hand lovingly on the shoulder of her hu ...

The First Wave EP

Date: 08 Apr 2017 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
There are rappers who transcend music to become lifestyle ambassadors and cultural influencers – so not only do they dictate the sound of the era they operate in, they also move youth culture. Naeto C was undoubtedly a cultural icon and Ice Prince right after him. Those 2 influenced the lingo, pushed street fashion and inspired a mini-movement, they embodied what it meant to be ‘cool’ – I see Ycee as their descendent. With tattooed ...

Signature EP

Date: 05 Apr 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
8 months after delivering Ubi Franklin punch one out of the two-punch combo that rocked his personal and professional life last year, Iyanya is back. The Made Men made music history and had an amazing run but of late, Iyanya has lost his top dog status not only in Nigerian music but even on the label he helped build. Now signed to Mavin Records, and being managed by Temple, there’s no telling what the future holds for him. But Iyanya has ...


Date: 11 Mar 2017 Category: Music
5.0 Rating
It started with a wink and a Jherri curl, now we are here. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are here. Nearly 3 years after causing minor panic on the internet with his appearance in the “Dorrobucci” video, I’m pleased to let you know that we have a Korede Bello album in our hands, finally. More boys, girls and ladies, than gentlemen though, since he burst onto the scene, Korede’s handlers have gone to great lengths to build and ...

Life Is Eazi, Vol. 1 – Accra To Lagos

Date: 10 Feb 2017 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
Mr. Eazi’s come-up story sounds methodical and purely accidental at the same time – the Ghanaian-Nigerian, who stumbled upon music superstardom after working as a show promoter and entrepreneur, hasn’t gotten carried away and has a 3 year exit strategy already planned out. Such has been his unconventional rise that no one knows what tomorrow holds for Mr. Eazi. But as of right now, he has become a prolific artist who’s released a fever ...