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Joey Akan is a Category Editor at Pulse. An Award-winning writer, presenter, poet and music critic, Joey leans on the crazy aspects of journalism with a unique skill-set.

Lagos Nawa! (Wobey Sound)

Date: 14 Nov 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
The musical maestro narrows his vision to his home city, where love, hustle and celebration dominate. For Olamide, nothing ever happens twice. 7 albums and counting, and there’s always a fresh take on the music. He serves something different every time, and the menu, never stays the same when you sit at his table. Each of his albums in his 8-year career has been different, but distinctly true to his style. 2011’s “Rapsodi” was an in ...


Date: 27 Oct 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
Three albums in four years. That’s the summary of Falz’s career so far. The comic and rapper, is quietly putting in the work, focusing on his music, churning out records. Falz hit a new high with 2015’s “Stories That Touch.” That album and its singles moved him from talented outlier to pop star. And he has continued to raise the bar. A collaboration album with Simi added a new layer to his art, which he is pushing through with more m ...

This Is Me

Date: 30 Oct 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
Niniola’s debut album is a game of two halves, The first is a fresh take on R&B, soft rock, reggaeton and the latter contains a collection of unrestrained synth-based Afro-House music. She flows through both parts with ease and finesse. Early highlights arrive in the shape of the thankful soft-rock ‘Moyo’, and the impressive breathing R&B offering of ‘Oyin’, where the young singer becomes reborn in the guitars, and string tog ...

Better Late Than Never (BLTN)

Date: 13 Oct 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
Welcome to Yung L’s mind. Welcome to a world of Caribbean-themed party dance, shaking butts, sexy women, wild parties, and a comedown of self-reflection mostly delivered in Naija-patois. Four years ago, Yung L had a big hit. ‘SOS’, his record produced by Chopstix introduced him to a wider pop audience. He dined out on that record, performing at many concerts and prepping himself up for the next level. That level never came. Subsequent ...


Date: 13 Oct 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
From his days in DRB Lasgidi, BOJ has always displayed a special skillset. He is the king of the mellow melody, with a distinct vocal and delivery that stood him out, and earned him recognition and respect. BOJ was different. He represented a cool alternative to the pop loop on radio, and people naturally gravitate to ‘different’. In 2013, BOJ released a mixtape, “#BOTM (Boj on the Microphone)” which saw some success. He has recorded w ...

Sugarcane EP

Date: 22 Sep 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
Run through Tiwa Savage’s music, and you would discover that she creates content to document her growth and life experiences through her art. Everything falls into place. She dances when she wants, thanks God with a dash of faith-based music, and documents love in the most flowery way. Female artists in particular are expected to expose themselves emotionally and physically for public consumption. That’s the reality of a celebrity culture ...


Date: 09 Sep 2017 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
Have you ever been in a position where you are listening to an album and you know that it is not flowing and the music is unsatisfactory, but you are clinging to it? With each song, you’re pleading with it. You are willing it to get better. And then it hits a track so poor and downright bad, that you just give up. That’s the feeling you’ll get on this new album by Jesse Jagz. He is your favourite rapper, your standard of what Hip hop sho ...


Date: 08 Sep 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
When the history of these times in African music is read back to generations after us, there shall only be a few names at the top of the column for Hip hop. Sarkodie will be right up there, his story inspiring, his music captivating, and his efforts for the culture trailblazing. After more than a decade of putting Ghana on the map, the greatest MC who kicked it from that country is releasing an album to underline his status as the best that ev ...


Date: 07 Sep 2017 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
We’re very lucky to have Simi. This is not because the X3M Music singer has established herself as Nigeria’s most soulful pop singer, but because she makes alternative music sound so good and democratized. Everyone with a heart can enjoy Simi, a quality that has played a role in her rise through the ranks. Prior to 2014, this woman was seen as talented by music industry enthusiasts. She had a voice that was ethereal, but that wasn’t enou ...

Be Careful What You Wish For

Date: 27 Jul 2017 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
There’s God in the details as AKA and Anatii, two of South Africa’s biggest Hip hop names come together for a joint album. AKA and Anatii have a lot in common; they are rappers, singers and producers, who understand the music process from songwriting, down to engineering. It is this knowledge and a combination of all of these skills, that has been instrumental in their career success to date. That’s why a 10-track album feels like a case ...