Wendy Ide



Film critic for The Observer, Screen International, Scout for Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Wendy Ide is also a film critic for "The Times" and a regular presenter and contributor to The Times' online arts programming, duties which she combines with contributions to "Sight And Sound" and to BBC Radio.

The Harvesters/Die Stropers

Date: 14 May 2018 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
Set in the conservative Afrikaner farming country of South Africa’s Free State, ‘The Harvesters’ is a brooding drama which pits the teenaged son of a deeply religious family against the adopted orphan he believes will usurp him. Although austere and restrained in its approach, this assured feature debut effectively hints at a churning savagery beneath the surface, which is every bit as unforgiving as the stark landscape. Etienne Kallos ...

I Am Not A Witch

Date: 03 Sep 2017 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
The people of nine-year-old Shula’s (Margaret Mulubwa) village don’t waste time crying over spilt well-water – they look for someone to blame. And Shula, new to town, with no family, is the obvious choice. She is denounced as a witch, and removed from the community. From there, she is taken to a government-run travelling witch camp in this arresting first feature from Zambia-born, Wales-raised Rungano Nyoni. The film crafts a framework of s ...

Beauty and the Dogs (La Belle et la Meute)

Date: 14 Jul 2017 Category: TV/Film
9.0 Rating
An evening which starts with a carefree student party and selfies with friends descends into a Kafkaesque waking nightmare for 21-year-old Mariam (Mariam Al Ferjani). Loosely based on a real event, Kaouther Ben Hania’s gruelling drama collates vividly immediate fragments of the aftermath of Mariam’s rape by two policemen. It’s not an easy watch. But, with its feminist spin on the continued battle for basic legal rights following the 2011 ou ...