Jessie Stoolman



Jessie Stoolman is Editor-at-Large, Morocco at Asymptote. She currently works as a language educator in Tetouan, Morocco and intermittently contributes to transnational research projects, when possible.

The Ultimate Tragedy

Date: 01 Aug 2017 Category: Books
10.0 Rating
“It was the first time the Sepoys had seen such a cowardly Chief of Post. It left them very disillusioned. They told everyone in the tabanca what had happened, adding a little salt of course.” No “salt” appears to be lost in Jethro Soutar’s translation of The Ultimate Tragedy, which is the first Bissau-Guinean novel to be translated into English. Reflecting the Bissau-Guinean oral traditions that influenced Abdulai Sila’s writin ...