Leonardo De Franceschi



My experience as a scholar and promoter of film culture has been largely dedicated to Africa and African Diasporas. After a first degree in film studies (my final thesis was about Visconti’s The Stranger), I continued with a PHd thesis (about modes of representations of urban space in North African cinema) and then entered university as a life tenured unit (ricercatore confermato). Outside the university, in collaboration with Maria Coletti, I directed over some years a film festival called Panafricana (2001-2007) and in 2006 I created the website Cinemafrica-Africa e diaspore nel cinema, the only one in Italy dedicated to films related to Africa and diasporas (www.cinemafrica.org).


Date: 01 Sep 2017 Category: TV/Film
8.0 Rating
The second feature filmmaker Emmanuel Gras (The Life of a Cow Aka Bovines was already presented in 2011 at the Selection ACID in Cannes), Makala won the Grand Prix at the Semaine de la critique with an essay on observation mode, to say it. Bill Nichols, who reiterates the merits and limitations of this approach to real-world cinema, with a surplus on the ethics of the gaze. For 96 minutes we are projected into a here and now hard and unbearable b ...