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Chelsea Phillips-Carr is a writer and editor from Toronto, Canada. Her writing has appeared in The National Post, Mubi Notebook, and Point of View Magazine, among other publications, and she is the social media manager for Cléo. She holds a Master’s degree in Cinema studies from the University of Toronto.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

Date: 20 Jan 2018 Category: TV/Film
8.0 Rating
Ope (Zainab Balogun), a struggling chef, decides to return to the Royal Hibiscus Hotel owned by her parents in Lagos after quitting her London job. Seeking comfort in her childhood home, things go awry when Ope begins a romance with Deji (Kenneth Okolie), a guest who just happens to be working on a deal to buy the hotel. Directed by Ishaya Bako and viewed at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel has all the making ...