Sinead Anja



Hi! I’m Sinead (shin-ayd) and I know it’s hard to pronounce (I’ll appreciate it if you try though). I’m a mixed woman of colour living in Edinburgh. If I’m not reading, you’ll find me dancing (if you find a book that’s about dancing – please tell me about it!). I’m a Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University. I usually read YA contemporary and fantasy novels. You’ll also find me reading some non-fiction books and realistic fiction. I would also like to read more graphic novels.

Wake Me When I’m Gone

Date: 05 Sep 2017 Category: Books
6.0 Rating
I received an ARC of Wake Me When I’m Gone from Netgalley. I decided to request this book mainly because of the cover. However, the blurb itself was also quite intriguing. This book is #ownvoices for Nigerian representation. Ese is an interesting main character. Her experiences and the people around her lead to her starting to question some of the customs in her village, which leads to her standing up for herself and trying to find a way ...