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Lagos Nawa!

Date: 14 Nov 2017 Category: Music
4.0 Rating
Like clockwork, Olamide has put out a new project in anticipation of his annual concert. Lagos Nawa recently went up on digital stores across the internet and first listen reviews are already coming back on the project. So far there seems to be a mix of opinions on how best to approach Olamide’s latest project. For a rapper who is mostly known for his dance-themed party-anthems, Olamide has fulfilled all righteousness over the past 5 years with ...

What Happens in Lagos

Date: 24 Nov 2017 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
Ajebutter22 has been around the block. But given the timing of his blow-up on the cusp of the digital media revolution for distribution and promotion of Nigerian music, a lot of people know the singer at the peaks of viral celebrity with caption-worthy singles like “Omo Pastor”, “Senrenre” and “Bad Gang”. However, save, for “Senrenre”, both “Omo Pastor” and “Bad Gang” heavily lean on social commentaries at their core. A ...