Esosa OmoUsoh



I am Managing Partner at Solola & Akpana, a leading civil/commercial law firm in Nigeria.. I have over eighteen years’ experience as a litigator in legal practice, and co-head Solola & Akpana’s Litigation/Arbitration Practice Group which manages the Firm’s portfolio of over 250 litigation/arbitration matters. When I am not practising law, I enjoy travelling, music, movies, writing movie reviews, travelogues and poetry.

The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai

Date: 15 Dec 2017 Category: TV/Film
5.0 Rating
It was inevitable that a sequel to last year’s The Wedding Party would eventually be made. The indicators were pretty obvious; despite a clichéd and uninspired script and being, for the most part, chuck-full of insipid hysterics passed off as acting and cheap gags and laughs from the patented brand of Nigerian comedy (that’s big on silliness than actual comedy), it achieved huge box office success. It even dethroned the off-putting one-unfun ...