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Kelly Konrad, aka "LitzyDitz," is a content editor by day and freelance writer by night. A graduate of Michigan State University and a Cubs fan, she's become accustomed to rooting for the underdog. She lives in Glenview with the hubs and three kids and can often be found lurking the stacks at the library, cursing under her breath when someone else beats her to a new release.

So You Want to Talk About Race

Date: 16 Jan 2018 Category: Books
10.0 Rating
I'm not sure how Ijeoma Oluo's book, "So you want to talk about race" ended up on my TBR list. It was probably on an end-of-the-year "Best Of" list, and in my quest to add more books that matter to my queue, I tacked it on. And as much as it fascinated me, it also stung. After all, the author thinks I am a racist. And if you are white and accept Oluo's premise, so are you. "You are racist because you were born and bred in a racist, white ...