Susan Mukami



I am an idealist, an emotional dreamer. A spiritual pamphlet. I know a life of festival, music, words and coffee & tea, sunrises and shades with a million raindrops. I am grounded to the soil of which I came from. I am a universe. A universe with wartime medals imprinted with pride on my chest and courage emanating from my skin. I am a goddess encapsulated in a densely melanated work of art. I am also the Managing Editor at Kenyan Collective


Date: 03 Mar 2018 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
For the past few days, I’ve been digging into Muthoni Drummer Queen’s new project ‘SHE’ and it is exactly what my soul needed especially as we celebrate International Women’s Day today. To sum it up in a sentence, ‘SHE’ is a timeless embodiment of strength, perserverance, love, beauty, freedom and the resilience of an African woman – especially one who has of late been feeling a tad bit out of place in her richness and the abil ...