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Constance Grady is a Culture writer for She bylines at The Toast and the A.V. Club. No relation to the Ugly Betty character of the same name.

Children of Blood and Bones (Legacy of Orïsha)

Date: 06 Mar 2018 Category: Books
7.0 Rating
Children of Blood and Bone, a debut YA novel from Nigerian-American writer Tomi Adeyemi, is widely expected to be the next great YA franchise. It’s the first in a planned trilogy, and reportedly earned one of the biggest advances in YA history. A movie deal is already in place. Expectations, in other words, are high. Does Children of Blood and Bone live up to the hype? Maybe not quite — few things could! — but with its propulsive pacing ...


Date: 13 Feb 2018 Category: Books
8.0 Rating
Reading Freshwater, the extraordinary debut novel from Akwaeke Emezi, feels like watching the beginning of something big: The book is so shivery, so electric, that the first coherent thought you can put together as you read is that you’re watching a major new talent beginning to carve out a space for herself. Steeped in Igbo cosmology, Freshwater tells the story of Ada, a young girl who is ogbanje: She houses a spirit in her body, and she wa ...