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Charisse Jones covers significant news and trends in the travel industry, specifically aviation. Before taking on the travel beat, she frequently wrote about social justice issues. She is the co-author of the American Book Award-winning "Shfting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America.''

Children of Blood and Bones (Legacy of Orïsha)

Date: 06 Mar 2018 Category: Books
10.0 Rating
Children of Blood and Bone (Henry Holt, 544 pp., ★★★★ out of four) is a debut novel that is nearly impossible to put down. While Tomi Adeyemi's Africa-inspired fantasy was written for young adults, readers of all ages will be captivated by this engrossing tale that leaves you as eager to see the resurrection of the Orishan gods and their celestial gifts as the novel's protagonists. Zelie Adebola is the young heroine, robbed of her m ...