Wilfred Okiche



Wilfred Okiche is a movie buff and music head.

A Hotel Called Memory

Date: 29 Sep 2017 Category: TV/Film
9.0 Rating
When a woman announces to her husband, via text message, that she wants a divorce, and insists on retaining custody of their son, what does she do next? Jet off to Cape Town, South Africa, and into the arms of a lover, after trusting her son with the safety of a friend? Repair to the Zanzibar coast to lick her wounds while embracing the hedonistic night life and fending off her husband’s sober entreaties at the same time? Depending on how on ...

For You

Date: 12 Mar 2017 Category: Music
9.0 Rating
We may not see it now but Cobhams Asuquo is for all intents and purposes, a national treasure. At thirty-six years of age and visually impaired, Asuquo has been responsible for some of the biggest and most durable pop records of the past decade. To get a measure of his impact, try imagining a stark dystopian universe where the musical landscape is a wasteland and Asa’s classic eponymous debut did not exist. Instead of anthems like Great Nati ...


Date: 05 May 2017 Category: TV/Film
5.0 Rating
The second of director Kunle Afolayan’s three picture deal with Africa Magic, (Omugwo was released in May and The Tribunal follows later in the year,) Roti is a psychological drama that goes to much deeper places than the regular Africa Magic fare. But don’t get excited much, the subpar execution ensures Roti remains squarely in Africa Magic territory. Dealing with such weighty themes as loss, love, mental illness and reincarnation, Roti i ...

Alter Ego

Date: 21 Jul 2017 Category: TV/Film
6.0 Rating
In Alter Ego, the sexy new drama thriller from Moses Inwang, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde plays Ada Igwe (they couldn’t come up with a better name?), a high profile lawyer who runs a thriving law firm that sub-specializes in securing justice for child victims of domestic and sexual abuse. These victims are naturally, almost always female, and are most definitely shamed into silence. By the perpetrators sure, but also by their loved ones and wider ...

Banana Island Ghost

Date: 04 Aug 2017 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
As far as Nollywood is concerned, comedy is in right now. No other genre is even close to being as lucrative. 2017 has brought Isoken, 10 Days in Sun City and Alakada Reloaded, all attempting to continue where the duo of record setters, The Wedding Party and A Trip to Jamaica left. Add to this list, My Wife and I opening later in the month. Who says comedy doesn’t pay? The producers of Banana Island Ghost are looking to cash in on this ...

Potato Potahto

Date: 24 May 2017 Category: TV/Film
6.0 Rating
Towards the end of Potato Potahto, the cantankerous lead couple are arguing back and forth. They clearly cannot stand each other, but they also cannot let go. They yell, threaten, one tries to hit the other, doesn’t succeed, they yell some more, and then they kiss. This scene sums up the plot of Potato Potahto. And it reflects some of the bigger problems between men and women in the film industry. The 38th edition of the Durban Internatio ...

Inxeba (The Wound)

Date: 14 Jul 2017 Category: TV/Film
8.0 Rating
South Africa’s Inxeba takes a stark, unflinching look at black African masculinity by taking a taboo subject in our societies – same-sex love – and situating it in an even more hushed setting, Xhosa initiation from boyhood to manhood. It could all go very wrong, but Inxeba is very tastefully done, respectful towards the culture it depicts but revealing enough to draw viewers into a previously forbidden world with the utmost sensitivity. ...

Ijele – The Traveler

Date: 27 Jun 2017 Category: Music
5.0 Rating
Flavour is many years removed from the underground scene where he used to set South Eastern dance clubs and bush bars afire with his heady brew of highlife melodies, hip beats and leering lyrics. Even though he has since achieved crossover status and is as marketable nationally as any Lagos studio-produced pop star, Flavour still retains that Igbo boy core that keeps him attached to his roots no matter how far away from home his music takes hi ...


Date: 15 Jun 2017 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
This year’s play for feel good movie of the year comes in the form of a lavish, colourful debut by new media queen, Jadesola Osiberu. For those not in the know, Osiberu was the former head of the Guaranty Trust Bank media side project, Ndani TV and in this capacity, Osiberu pioneered the creation of exciting, occasionally addictive content for the online generation. Her relentless pursuit of fresher ways to connect with the millennial audien ...


Date: 06 Apr 2017 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
When the most influential filmmaker of a generation decides to join forces with the continent’s most important platform for small screen content to make a major feature film, it is hard not to feel apprehensive. And for good reason too. How do you marry two distinct thematic styles; one that has thrived on the grand and the loquacious with another that is more mass market driven and aims for the lowest possible denominator? Can highbrow meet ...