Linda Ochugbua



Linda Ochuagbua currently works at Business Day.


Date: 15 Jun 2017 Category: TV/Film
10.0 Rating
“Isoken” was an amazing story that most Nigerian girls would definitely connect with, although most people would feel like it’s more of a feminine movie, but it really wasn’t. It was just perfect and as good as the epic “Wedding party of 2016”. Sincerely I feel like this movie would make it to the top 10 Nigerian movies of the year and should get some awards. Dakore Akande known as “Isoken” in the movie was just so perfect for thi ...

93 Days

Date: 24 Apr 2016 Category: TV/Film
9.0 Rating
The movie 93 days to me was just brilliant and it just keeps getting better and better by the day with our Nigerian producers and I going to watch Nigerian movies back to back then believe me when I say they are doing a very good job and this movie was absolutely one of them. The story line was just amazing, well detailed, thought after and properly coordinated they really paid attention to every single detail, and to later realize that some ...


Date: 04 May 2016 Category: TV/Film
7.0 Rating
So the long awaited, highly rated, over-hyped and super-advertised movie finally came out in the cinemas and we all insisted on seeing it on the very first day to avoid any one telling us what the movie was about.
So we marched to the cinema excited, curious and anxious to see what the movie had in store for us. Sincerely speaking our expectations were “extremely” high I must say. The reason for the expectation running out the r ...


Date: 29 Dec 2016 Category: TV/Film
10.0 Rating
It is with great joy, pleasure and smiles that I bring to you this fantastic and brilliant Nigerian movie, well I would have being so surprised if they had acted less of the huge expectations of Nigerians, a movie featuring outstanding and award movie acts like Rita Dominic and Ramsey Noah. The best was definitely everyone’s expectations from the producers. The buzz and advert for the movie surely did spike awareness and aroused the interes ...