Yvonne Chinyere Anoruo



Yvonne Chinyere Anoruo is a graduate of English from the University of Lagos. She is a Writer, PR & Media Enthusias, Lover and Columnist at OlisaTv.


Date: 08 Apr 2017 Category: TV/Film
4.0 Rating
In Ifan’s Lotanna (the Igbo expression for remember the father), Lotanna (Chris Okagbue), a music prodigy, witnesses the death of his father (an unsuccessful musical recording artist) as a child, and is subsequently forced to pay off his father’s debt while pursuing his music career as an adult. After the death of his father, the movie fully opens with a break-in (robbery style) into the house of a renowned label owner to coerce him at gunpoi ...

Okafors Law

Date: 31 Mar 2017 Category: TV/Film
5.0 Rating
The controversy surrounding the release of Omoni Oboli’s Okafor’s Law raised a lot of buzz which could easily pass off as testament of an outstanding movie. But when you see it, you easily want to ask na wetin make una dey fight be this? in that colloquial way of analysing something that does not meet expectations. The reality is that it leaves one very conflicted and with many questions, one of which is: what makes a great movie? Is it a ...

A Trip To Jamaica

Date: 30 Sep 2016 Category: TV/Film
4.0 Rating
There was something about AY Makun’s “A Trip to Jamaica” that made almost the entire Lagos, it would seem, leave their homes to queue by Cinema Hall 5, Ozone Cinemas, waiting to catch a glimpse of the new flick. What it is was, I couldn’t pinpoint. An anticipation of the boisterous nature of the movie, I guess, prompted a member of the audience to ask out loud, as he walked into the full hall “e don’t start”?
The movie ...