Andrew Oke



Andrew Oke is a writer for TNS


Date: 15 Jun 2017 Category: TV/Film
6.0 Rating
The biggest and most anticipated Nollywood film from last year was The Wedding Party and now the most anticipated film of the year so far is another “wedding movie;” Isoken. Could the Wedding Movie be to Nollywood what the Superhero Flick is to Hollywood? Maybe. I don’t know. Speaking of Isoken, if you are looking for a by the numbers, zero frills date movie with a lot more rom than com, this is a film that should be right up your alley. Th ...

Ojukokoro (Greed)

Date: 17 Mar 2017 Category: TV/Film
5.0 Rating
Very few Nigerian films have the level of hype that Dare Olaitan‘s Ojukokoro had before it’s recent release. It is a film that has been riding the wave of anticipation since the night it premiered at last year’s Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF. Truth is, Ojukokoro isn’t all that it’s being trumped to be but it richly deserves many of the praise that has come its way. It tells a black comedy/neo-noir story that follows Andr ...

Hire A Man

Date: 22 Feb 2017 Category: TV/Film
4.0 Rating
Nollywood in 2017 is not exactly getting off to a blistering start. So far, there has not been much on offer in the form of watchable, entertaining films at the cinemas; just one disappointing misstep after another. The Desmond Elliot-directed Hire a Man is one of such missteps in the false start Nollywood has offered so far in 2017. Centred around an age-old rivalry between two sisters (portrayed in a god-awful animated montage), the ...

A Trip To Jamaica

Date: 30 Sep 2016 Category: TV/Film
3.0 Rating
Coming into this film, I had the lowest of expectations, which for anyone who was unfortunate enough to see Ayo Makun’s previous cinematic turn as Akpos in 30 Days in Atlanta, is completely understandable. I psyched myself up to see what I believed would be a lazy “comedy” that would play out more like a combination of humorous sketches than an actual film. but once the movie started, I ate my words as A Trip to Jamaica looked like it c ...