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Wake Me When I’m Gone

Date: 05 Sep 2017 Category: Books
8.0 Rating
There are books that pass me by as though I had never read them, books that become part of me and all my words are spent describing them, and then there are astonishing books my vocabulary can’t even vocalise. Wake We When I’m Gone by Odafe Atogun is just that. "Wake Me When I'm Gone“Everyone says that Ese is the most beautiful woman in the region, but a fool. A young widow, she lives in a village, where the crops grow tall and the peopl ...

Stay With Me

Date: 02 Mar 2017 Category: Books
7.0 Rating
Akin’s father has died and Yejide is coming home. Set against a backdrop of political turmoil, Stay With Me is a powerful commentary on motherhood, love, grief, tradition and culture in Nigeria during the 80s and 90s. Flitting between past and present, the novel follows protagonist Yejide and her husband Akin as their marriage progresses towards an inevitable parting. While love brought them together, it also pulls them apart as Akin goes ...