Nmadiuto Uche



Nma is a storyteller. She reveals extraordinary details in the lives of ordinary people and creates narratives for imagined stories.

Okafors Law

Date: 31 Mar 2017 Category: TV/Film
8.0 Rating
The long awaited Nigerian movie “Okafor’s Law” was finally allowed to hit the cinemas this weekend. After some controversies behind the movie and why it shouldn’t air here, the court removed the injunction on it and I just needed to see this movie. I would say it was a cool movie with a nice story line and interesting actors, but with just one fault, the audio. It wasn’t loud enough and some of us missed out on the action. The 1hr 52 ...

Tomorrow Died Yesterday

Date: 02 Nov 2011 Category: Books
7.0 Rating
Chimeka Garricks weaves a net of suspense from the first chapter. He drops readers right in the middle of a kidnapping gone wrong and navigates this story past carefully plotted timelines and locations. This enhances the complexity of his characters and the tales they bear. Garricks’ experience in the Nigerian legal system as a practicing lawyer is on showcase in his debut novel, Tomorrow Died Yesterday. The backdrop is the Niger-Delta, a regio ...