Obinna Udenwe



Obinna Udenwe is a Writer & Democracy Enthusiast. He is the Author of 'Satans & Shaitans' & 'Holy Sex'. He is also the winner of Short Story Is Dead Prize (2016), ANA Prose Prize (2015), National Top12 Award 2009

Love’s Persuasion

Date: 01 Jul 2016 Category: Books
7.0 Rating
Sometimes I wonder how people who do not read at all manage to live and exist, because one of the things good books do is that they transport the reader to places far away – they open up the imagination, providing some kind of satisfaction akin to having been pleasured by a lover – and no book does this better than romance fiction. Of all kinds of fiction, romance fiction is one with the ability to make you fall in love or out of love, someti ...