Emily Wolahan



Emily Wolahan is the author of Hinge (National Poetry Review Press). Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Georgia Review, Arts & Letters, Gulf Coast, Boston Review, Tinderbox Journal, Volt, and others. Her essays have appeared in The New Inquiry and been anthologized in Among Margins: Critical and Lyrical Writing on Aesthetics. She won the 2016 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize and the 2016 Unclassifiables Arts & Letters Contest. She is founding Editor at JERRY Magazine and Associate Editor at Two Lines Press. She lives in San Francisco.

In Praise of Defeat

Date: 17 Jan 2017 Category: Books
9.0 Rating
Poet, activist, former prisoner, exile. Each of these identities exists in the liminal space of being and not being. The space where a poet observes, an activist takes action, a prisoner leaves one prison for that of memory, and an exile is present in his current city, one foot remaining in his home country. This liminal space is where Abdellatif Laâbi resides. In her recent poem “Mourning,” Carolyn Forché, also a poet and activist, wres ...