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Ehis Combs was a shortlisted participant in The Critic Challenge 2017. He is a Realtor, Asset Valuer and Facility Manager. He is also a Music critic and sports enthusiast and writing is his passion. His works have featured for a number of blogs . You can reach him on Instagram: @ehiscombs or follow on Twitter: @ehiscombs


Date: 09 Sep 2017 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
In Greek mythology, Odysseus was a legendary hero. He is famous for his “homecoming” which, after the decade-long Trojan War, took him ten eventful years. He is also renowned for his intellect and versatility, and these are attributes that Jesse Jagz has portrayed in his music. We haven’t had to wait 10 years for Jesse Jagz’ fourth solo album but we have had to wait for quite some time. Jesse originally began production on Odysseus ...