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My name is Dennis Adedoutun Peter. I’m from Badagry local government, Lagos state. I’m a budding civil engineer and music writer. I’m a writer for I currently live for music, construction, books and Pringles. Oh, and I love my parents and siblings very much, even though I don’t tell them all the time. “My greatest aspiration in life is to be happy” – Beyoncé Knowles, ‘Pretty Hurts'. Dennis Peter was a shortlisted participant in The Critic Challenge 2017. Dennis Peter

About 30

Date: 25 May 2018 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
On “Ire,” the second official single and opening track to his newly released album About 30, Adekunle Gold solemnly beams with the joy of realizing that his supposed arrival has only brought him to where he’s always been. He was standing on loamy soil all along, he just needed to water it for it to turn green. For a eureka moment, “Ire” is laid out rather placidly, backed by gorgeous choral arrangement and a lush, well layered combo of ...


Date: 27 Mar 2018 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
In a daring attempt to take the reins of his career firmly in his grasps, BrymO threw a rock through a part of the Chocolate City glass house and jumped out. The public, tumultuous exit from one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria at the time meant that a few shards of the shattered glass caused by his prison break were lodged in his career. Apart from the Nigerian stigma that going indie automatically makes the artist become upcoming again, ...


Date: 09 Feb 2018 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
Maybe M.I Abaga corroded a lot of the good faith the hip-hop community had in him with “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives” but the record ultimately proved one thing – M.I knows how to get everyone’s attention. Returning with a controversial statement as a single, after a lengthy hiatus is as loud as the bell rings. But instead of letting it be an ‘I said what I said’ moment, allowing both detractors and supporters space to infe ...


Date: 26 Jan 2018 Category: Music
8.0 Rating
Embedded within Burna Boy is a flagrant character matrix with an unending penchant for causing controversy, and a constant fixation for an excited press that’s always eager to cast the artist in his controversial light. The ever prominent dramas probably wouldn’t cause much noise or be of much consequence if Burna wasn’t a generational talent. The running gist on social media by his ever loyal fan base always borders on the molehill-like ra ...

Late Night Vibrations

Date: 29 Jan 2018 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
For some reason, Ycee and his record label Tinny entertainment are working on a snail’s time table, only just releasing a paltry EP – The First Wave – in 2017. For an artist who broke into nationwide consciousness in 2015 with “Condo” and “Jagaban”, you’d think taking so much time would translate into a stellar offering, but TFW ended up being one of the most disappointing projects of 2017. Off TFW though, the Maleek Berry-assi ...


Date: 13 Oct 2017 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
BOJ’s voice is like a signature, unique to its owner. A fuzzy, low-end register that fills substantial space but is ethereal in texture. BOJ’s limited vocal timbre will not snatch anyone’s proverbial wig, but he’s honed it in such a way that it creates an infectious vibe when he wields the right melodies. BOJ’s rise started during his days as a member of the DRB Lasgidi collective, “Toyin” being the group’s biggest single. But ...


Date: 27 Oct 2017 Category: Music
6.0 Rating
Falz‘ gimmickry on the microphone is a gift and a curse – on the one hand, it makes his flavor of hip-hop down to earth and relatable, but on the other hand, it has masked his genius and robbed him of the kind of critical acclaim that his rap talent obviously deserves. What Falz does with everyday words to a beat is an art, how he makes serious social commentary sound like fun is a talent, and how he has remained so consistent doing these ...

This Is Me

Date: 30 Oct 2017 Category: Music
7.0 Rating
The tenets of being a well-rounded singer and an engaging performer are drilled into contestants in the boot camp-esque environments of many talent shows. While this part is integral to artistic growth, the lopsided emphasis on being an efficient singer and performer doesn’t transform into becoming a successful recording artist, especially in Nigeria. While advantageous, possessing a superbly chippered vocal aesthetic can sometimes be overst ...

Sugarcane EP

Date: 22 Sep 2017 Category: Music
9.0 Rating
Siren is the word to describe Tiwa Savage. Everything she sings and how she sings it has an unimpeachable allure that stems from the uniqueness of her beacon like voice down to the elegant, diva-esque strut she exudes in her visuals and live sets. These core tenets are what give constant fluorescence to her music, even with the musical shift she’s embraced since her emergence till date. Tiwa’s early, breakout singles were hard swinging, bu ...

The Never Say Never Guy

Date: 29 May 2017 Category: Music
4.0 Rating
L. An alphabet that has been adopted by social media to indicate a loss/loser. There’s no guidelines as to what might fetch anyone or anything an ‘L’. It’s simply a construct of the majority. Skales has been on the receiving end of so much banter on social media, some of which has been unfair. Left in the cold after his contract with Banky W’s EME imprint expired, Skales was dead in the water before pulling an applause worthy career ...