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The alias is YJ, consider me that friend you talk to when you need an opinion on new music. Asides being a music plug, I'm an engineering graduate of Covenant University, currently Music Content Editor of a start-up lifestyle magazine in Nigeria called Radronline (radronline.net) and most importantly; the aux cord god. Olayinka Yomi Joseph was the winner of The Critic Challenge 2017.


Date: 26 Jan 2018 Category: Music
9.0 Rating
‘On a Spaceship’. That was the title of Burna Boy’s 2015 sophomore album which was received with mixed feelings. It was disappointing for most, bang average for many and great for probably a non-existent few. I relate with this quote by Pulse’s Joey Akan in describing that particular album “Burna Boy lined up this LP with just enough sonic fuel to launch, but not enough to hit the moon, and break through the galaxies on a Spaceship.” ...